Go-Getter Attitude

Coming in everyday with a driven and motivated attitude, ready to face the days challenges not only on a professional level, but a personal one, devoting ones abilities to a positive team effort.

Passion for Learning

Teamwork and skill building is essential to our brand, its vital to our integrity as a successful and beloved company for new and avid followers.

Expand & Promote the Brand

While living and breathing a brands motto isn't what we are here to force on you, we do want you to love the brand as much as we love your effort and devotion to it.

Designing a unique customer experience that is both easy, efficient and affordable is a large undertaking. Our menu is here for everyone. Opening in 2016 to where we are now, we have changed and adapted a lot, bringing new items and services to our fans and customers.

Your Brand

We aren’t here for us, we are here for you. To be the brand you want to see, to be fast, efficient and to work into your life style. Our brand is about you.

Quality, Speed & Affordability

A goal of the Sushi Guy Company is to not sacrifice quality for speed, or affordability for Quality. We believe we hit it out of the park with this, designing a largely option based menu, along with our popular named rolls and poke.

Looking forward to a world of sushi...

Introducing Poké Bowls in January 2018 we have seen an uptick in people switching up their weekly outings to healthy low carb based diets, which our poke bowls tackle quite well! From building your our lightweight bowl to a jam packed sushi burrito we see a lot of trends coming to the sushi world, and are setting some ourselves. We look forward to serving you all in your communities around the world.

  • Fun Work Environment

  • Utilizing Modern Tech

  • Collaborative Environment

  • Employee Discounts

  • Competitive Pay